Cooking With Friends

The focus of this group will be on encouraging children to explore foods in fun and different ways. Together with their parents and peers, children will work on developing social and teamwork skills in the kitchen, as well as following instructions and simple recipes. Parent participation is required.



Social Games

Basic social play will be learned and practiced during this 6-week group. We will practice sharing, turn-taking and communicating while playing games. Video modeling and role play will be used to demonstrate how to interact with each other. Facilitators will include members of the speech-language pathology team.
This session is geared toward children aged 5-9 years old who are able to express their needs but need support with peer interaction. This group is for a maximum of 6 participants.

Parents will also provide mutual support by sharing their experiences, challenges, and successes.

Parent participation is required.



Parent Learning Opportunities

More Than Words

This parent course is designed for parents of children with ASD who are 6 years old or younger. Strategies explored are geared for children in a few stages of development, from those who are non-verbal to those who are beginning to speak in short conversations. In this course, parents learn how to help their child interact with adults and other children, and how to expand their child’s communication skills.


The early years are especially crucial for verbal children on the autism spectrum because they still face special communication challenges. Often, these children find it difficult to: have conversations with others, play with children their own age, talk about things that interest someone else, or change a routine without become frustrated.

This parent course is specifically designed for parents of verbal children ages 3-7 years with practical social communication difficulties.

Triple P

Stepping Stones Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) is similar to other Triple P programs, but includes adaptations for children who have a disability. This parent course helps parents build their skill sets to manage challenging behaviours in a way that meets the developmental level of the child. Parents will learn and practice implementing strategies that will work for their family, and create a ‘toolbox’ of strategies to help them tackle the tough times at home.



New session dates launching in the fall!


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*Funding support is free for families currently accessing Specialized Services through Children’s Autism Services of Edmonton.

Please connect with your Consultant Team for more information if you are interested in any of these programs.