Early Engagement Group – Our early engagement group uses evidence-based strategies that can be used in everyday activities with your child to promote social communication. It is for children 0-4 years of age with or without a diagnosis of autism. The child and caregiver participate together. Each group is comprised of 4 families.

Group plan: 1 pre-group session with parents, handouts for each session explaining what we will focus on for the session and between session planning to ensure you are getting the most from the session. Each family will also be provided with a session materials box, this will include all of the items/props we will be using in the group sessions.

This will be a 6 week program.

Please note a minimum number of 4 participants is required to run the group – once enough people have signed up you will be contacted with a start date.


For more information contact Monica Eggink, monica@childrensautism.ca