What is EPIC?

EPIC is a program at Children’s Autism Services of Edmonton designed to provide both segregated and inclusive opportunities for children and youth to engage in physical activity and recreation. EPIC is inclusive of a variety of activities that are designed to meet the child where they are at in terms of their ability to engage, thus providing children and youth diagnosed with autism with increased opportunity to participate in physical activity and peer interaction according to their abilities and preferences. Rules, structure, noise, social demands, physical requirements, interest and other factors can impact on a child’s ability to participate.

Why is there a need for EPIC?

What are the overall goals/objectives of EPIC?

What types of services are included within EPIC?

EPIC includes several services including summer camps (both in-house and within the community), gymnasium sessions devoted to exploratory physical activity and active discovery, and gymnastics sessions within the community. New opportunities are being sought regularly.

Who is involved with EPIC? Who can contribute to EPIC?

Currently, Children’s Autism of Edmonton staff and community partners contribute to EPIC’s programs. Community organizations are being approached to continually expand opportunities and develop a partnership with Children’s Autism Services of Edmonton.

Epic activities


Children’s Autism Services of Edmonton have partnered with KJ Bowling to provide adaptive bowling lessons! Participants will practice skills such as turn taking, gross motor movements, and multi step routines. Bowling lessons will be supported by Children’s Autism Services of Edmonton staff, and provide a fantastic opportunity for children with autism to participate in this great sport! Cohorts will have a maximum of 8 participants. Participants will be encouraged to social distance.

Location: KJ Bowling 12143 54th Street Edmonton, AB

Dates: Thursday Nights: October 29th– December 17th 2020

Time: 5:75- 7 PM


Active discovery

Active discovery is a semi structured, play based program aimed at providing children and youth increased opportunities to participate in physical activity according to their abilities and preferences. The surrounding environment will be set up to encourage children and youth to play games, engage with various gym equipment, and practice common group games with the help of additional supports such as timers, visuals, regulation tools, etc.

Our program focuses on proportionate support and expectations resulting in a successful and fun environment.

Cohorts will have a maximum of 6 participants. Materials will be sanitized between cohorts, children will be encouraged to social distance, and staff will wear PPE.

Location: 17451 103 Ave, Edmonton, AB, T6E 5J4

Dates: Saturdays October 31- December 19, 2020


3-6 yrs Session 1 – 10:00 am-11:00 am

3-6 yrs Session 2 – 11:30 am-12:30 pm

7+ yrs Session 3 – 1:00pm-2:00 pm

7+ yrs Session 4 – 2:30 pm-3:30 pm



Children’s Autism Services of Edmonton recognizes the Goodlife Kids Foundation and JumpStart Sport Relief Fund as a source of funding for its EPIC programs