RESPITE Services

Children’s Autism Services of Edmonton believes that respite care is an essential part of the overall support that families may need and provides respite services within the home and community. The respite worker will provide care and supervision according to individual child’s needs while working in a child focused, family centered environment.

The respite program is designed to provide support and relief to parents by matching highly trained staff with children receiving services. Staff will provide support in activities of daily living such as feeding, toileting and dressing, as well as providing learning opportunities and behavioral support.


In Home Respite

Children can receive a one-to-one respite worker in the comfort of their own home. Staff are trained to provide support in daily living skills, supervision of safety as well as providing opportunities for learning and behavioral support in the home environment. Staff can support your child through routines in the home as needed during the scheduled respite session.

On site Respite at the Maier Centre

Our site provides a calm and secure environment for staff to support your child during respite. Centre based respite can offer one to one support if needed or in a group based setting to foster peer interactions.



Community Aide is designed to provide support for children in community programs such as swimming lessons, gymnastics, day camps, etc. Community Aides provide appropriate levels of support as well as help to facilitate the child’s inclusion into group activities and routines. The Community Aides are highly trained and provide support in activities of daily living such as feeding, toileting and dressing as appropriate. The Community Aides will also provide learning opportunities and behavioral support as necessary in the context of the community program.

Respite and Community Aide are available:

  • On a casual basis: parents can request different dates each month as needed
  • On a regular basis: parents can request for a regular worker to provide support at the same time and day each week.

For more information, please contact Children’s Autism Services of Edmonton at or call 780-495-9235