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Children’s Autism Services of Edmonton is an organization of excellence in the area of support services for children with autism and other developmental disorders.  We have dedicated, dynamic and qualified professionals providing family centred programming.  Through specialized services, the children and families in our organization experience high levels of success and continue to meet and exceed their goals. Families are welcome to contact us about receiving services.


Please note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all events/workshops will be hosted virtually until further notice

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Children Autism Services of Edmonton – stories of Hope:

“As new immigrants to Ontario, learning that our happy and energetic son, Jonah, has ASD was a heavy weight that came down upon us. We were still adjusting to our new lives in this new land, and learning of his diagnosis, made us feel helpless and uncertain of our family’s future. But instead of feeling sorry for ourselves and complaining on how great odds stack against us are, we seek out help from those in the autism community. The community embraced us with unwavering support, love, and understanding. We feel so welcome it’s as if we were always a part of this growing community.

2 years and 3500 kilometers later, our autism journey took us to Children’s Autism Services of Edmonton (CASE). With his new CASE community, we can see that Jonah is happier and more engaged. He enjoys his time in school and we’re learning a lot from his therapists and consultants.  We know our journey is long and there will be new challenges ahead.  We also know that whatever challenges await us, there will always be help available….”






What does the EPIC programs mean to our family?



















Thank you to the Community Foundations of Canada and the Edmonton Community Foundation

We are pleased to announce that Children’s Autism Services of Edmonton is supported by the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund and Edmonton Community Foundation.














Thank you TELUS Friendly Future Foundation






We are pleased to share that we have been selected by the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation and the TELUS Edmonton Community Board to receive a grant for our Special Needs Kids – Giving Us A Voice Program. This grant will go a long way towards helping us provide communication devices for our kids.

We are very grateful for the support.

Parent Workshops

Children’s Autism Services of Edmonton has a range of exciting workshops that are available to the community!

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Project EPIC – Enhancing participation in Community

EPIC is a program designed to provide both segregated and inclusive opportunities for children and youth to engage in physical activity, socialization, and recreation.

EPIC is inclusive of a variety of activities that are designed to meet the child where they are at in terms of their ability to engage. This helps provides children and youth diagnosed with autism with an increased opportunity to participate in physical activity and peer interaction according to their abilities and preferences.

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The Childcare Program is provided to children between 19 months and 5 years of age who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The Childcare Program is currently offered at The Maier Centre.

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Children’s Autism Services is Edmonton’s leader in family centred autism treatment. Families are a vital part of the collaborative process. Respecting, strengthening, educating, and supporting families are all important components of programming.

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