Early Education Programming is provided to children between 2.8 and 6 years of age, who have been diagnosed with a severe disability (including severe communication delays or behavioural challenges). A diagnosis of Autism is not required to access services. The Early Education Program focuses on the development of communication skills, functional play skills, fine and gross motor skills, classroom routines and introduces many preschool and kindergarten concepts. Programming is available at either of our site-based locations, or in a community program (e.g. local preschool). Additionally, some children may attend a ‘combination program’ where they will attend both a community program, and a site-based program for a maximum total of five days of half-day programming each week.

When accessing services through one of our site-based programs, you will find:

  • Small class sizes, with half day programming Monday through Friday each week
  • Play-based instruction and student learning
  • Individualized instruction guided by an Individual Program Plan (IPP) so that children can learn in the way that is most effective and meaningful to them
  • Programming that is directed by a certified Teacher, and supported by trained Educational Assistants
  • Learning strategies that are supported by Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Behaviour Consultants and Early Education Consultants
  • The SCERTS Framework – a developmental approach to learning that accounts for individual differences in each student
  • Ongoing educational opportunities for families and staff members
  • Family-oriented programming visits at the child’s home, or at one of our buildings, designed to share strategies that are being used at school, and to develop a support network for parents

While they attend either of our site-based programs, children will have access to:

  • a sensory room with specialized equipment and activities designed to help children calm and regulate
  • a gymnasium and secured playground area with specialized equipment to encourage peer interactions, motor development and sensory exploration

When accessing services at a community preschool, kindergarten or daycare program you will find:

  • Children supported in an inclusive setting by a trained educational assistant
  • School visits and home consultation from a transdisciplinary team which may include a certified Teacher, Speech-Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist and/or Behaviour Consultant
  • Individual Program Plans (IPP) that are designed to focus programming around developmentally appropriate goals to help meet the child’s unique needs
  • Children fully integrated and supported to ensure full participation, independence and success

For more information, please contact Children’s Autism Services of Edmonton at info@childrensautism.ca or call 780-495-9235